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THE birds

The Norfolk Black: The oldest breed originating in the UK, it should be coal black all over, without a hint of any other colour in the feathering.
The majority, if not all, do have a bronze edging on the back feathers. This is inherited from the days when Bronze mating was introduced because of the shortage of Norfolk Black bloodlines. This cross breeding took place in America as well as the UK, and to this day if any Norfolk Black was found with no bronzing on whatsoever, it would earn its keep through that very fact alone.

The Bronze: is probably the most popular variety of turkey and most well known. It originated from crosses between the domestic turkeys brought by European colonists to the Americas and the Eastern wild turkeys. The metallic sheen, which gives the breed its name, is part of its inheritance from its wild ancestors.

The White: The most commonly raised commercial turkey today is the Broad-Breasted White variety, which has all-white plumage and descends from the White Holland. It is a nice plump bird with plenty of meat.

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